Iglesia Cristiana Cuidad Satelite
“Una iglesia a la altura de las circunstancias” / “A church that rises to the occasion”

In 1997, a tired team of Chileans and a North American missionary, Jim Green, were struggling with an educational project that simply wasn’t yielding results. One afternoon the Chileans approached the missionary and insisted that God was pointing toward planting a church, and calling the team to postpone any educational projects.
And so, the church in Ciudad Satélite de Maipú, 18 miles southwest of central Santiago, began with thirteen persons in an office about 340 sq ft, led by the team of Jim Green, Juan Carlos Campos, Hugo Cataldo, and Waldo Latrach.
Recognizing that God was about to bless the new church, the Chilean leaders proactively found a larger place for the church. One day they told the missionary that they had been praying for this piece of property, and that they felt God was pointing to it. So, the Greens sold their last tie to the U.S. – their house – and bought the property (later, God replaced the funds and then some. Contact us and we’ll tell you the story).
And what a place it was! At the end of a little strip mall, it was beaten up, run-down, without walls, and probably was a health hazard, having been used as a dry cleaner for several years. But it had 1100 sq ft of space. And making something like that fit for the kingdom is part of the fun of mission work.
Working in the cold and wet, the team succeeded in dressing up the place, and the church marked its actual birth in 1997. And it doubled and doubled for the next few years. Rapidly it outgrew the new meeting place.
God continued to bless, in 2002 providing the bigger meeting place next door at a 60% discount from the original asking price.
From this base of operations, Iglesia Cristiana Ciudad Satélite has made great inroads into the community. Never ignoring the intellect, the church has become a spiritual home to many families with university degrees.
It has impacted the immediate area and beyond with strong community involvement. The first meeting area was used as a community center for several years, and has now been beautified in preparation for installation of a pre-school.
Never watering down the gospel, the church has grown to two services, with a third in the works. The next generation of pastoral leaders is now being trained, as the church by faith is paying salaries to allow capable university students to work half-time for the church.
Over the years, the original team has evolved into a new team in the church. Waldo Latrach has a successful calling as an educational consultant in psychology. Hugo Cataldo has a thriving counseling practice with the nearby churches of Iberoamerican Ministries in the center of Maipú. Juan Carlos continues along with his wife Nélida as the lead pastor of Iglesia Cristiana Ciudad Satélite. It is an honor work alongside men such as these, dedicated to seeing the kingdom of God advance with power.
What can you do?
Iglesia Cristiana Ciudad Satélite always operates on faith. There are at least two pressing needs that the leaders are hoping for the Lord and his people to supply:
  • $3,000 for furniture for the preschool (The church supplied $17,000 before the financial crisis reached Chile)
  • $600 per month to pay one-half the salary of the two college students who are working half-time. These fellows are the future of the church in our area of Chile.
If you can help supply the needs, please send checks to Conosur Christian Ministries, 37747 Bristol Court, Palmdale, CA 93550-5441, with memo “Church Operating Expense”