The 543 sq mt (5840 sq ft) house on the site is first quality construction. After refurbishing, it will contain
A Bridge of Opportunity
Colegio Cristiano Conosur
Seeking out children of high academic and leadership potential,
at risk of being overlooked because of the economic status of the family,
offering a high quality Christ-centered education,
regardless of ability to pay.
Our Key to Excellence
The quality of education in Chile is becoming a scandal. Of the 100 top-performing schools in 2008, 98 were private fully-paid schools completely out of reach of poorer citizens. In Chile, the word for this is chueco, meaning out-of-kilter or badly tilted.

We know that a Christ-centered education, combined with demanding academic standards, can produce high-quality results regardless of economic level. The Christian School of Quilpué, toward the coast from our location near Santiago, recently sent 99% of its graduates to universities. These graduates were almost all from financially disadvantaged families.
Offering an Opportunity to Excel
We have always planned for six signature characteristics of the school. With your help, we will be offering poorer families an opportunity
  • To enjoy a truly high-quality Christian education with a biblical point of view;
  • To have available an extensive and generous need-based scholarship program;
  • To learn science and math in English, a huge “leg up” not normally available to the poorer families of Chile;
  • To interact cross-culturally on an on-going basis with U.S. schools, like Hillcrest Christian, in Granada Hills, CA;
  • To study in a beautiful environment with room to breathe;
  • To close the gap between “rich” education and “poor.”
As the apostle Paul says, “And who is equal to such a task?” (2 Corinthians 2:16)  In the end it is God working through the prayers and finances of his people that will make this happen.
Our Location – A Place to Breathe
Colegio Cristiano Conosur will be located on 1.03 wooded hectares (2.27acres) about 35 km (21 miles) from the capital city Santiago and about 15 km (10 miles) from our home church in Ciudad Satélite.  Fronting on the main non-toll highway from Santiago toward the coast, it will have excellent visibility. At the same time, there will be access from a residential street, offering a high  level of  safety for the children as they enter and leave school.
The Financial Challenge
Consider a school with these characteristics for your children in the U.S. Can you imagine the cost? It would be breathtaking. We have seen numbers in the range of $10 million as we watch schools trying to expand in the States.
But we will open the doors to K-12 students, with
  • a supportive and Christ-honoring administration;
  • happy teachers, committed to ministry;
  • a beautiful green campus;
  • fully equipped classrooms;
  • computer and science labs;
  • workshops for the arts;
  • libraries; and
  • a community center unlike any other we know of.
And the budgeted cost will be…
$2.55 million
Don't you agree that this is a bargain price? This is our opportunity to affect the lives of many families for years to come.
We have seen encouraging progress toward the financial goal, as early grass roots contributors have been very generous.Our home school, Hillcrest Christian School in Granada Hills, CA, has made an extraordinary financial commitment of seed capital. Jim and Cheryl Green put in the funds to buy the land and house.
Will you join us in supporting this wonderful opportunity?
What Can You Do?
Your contribution to make Colegio Cristiano Conosur a reality is not simply building a little school outside Santiago, Chile. It will be a model for other schools. You will contribute toward advancing the cause of Christ in the workplace and in his church.

With a love for education, yet puzzling over how to achieve it, this is a people poised for greatness. You are in a position to influence the next generation of secular and spiritual leaders in Chile, a nation which will have an impact far beyond mere population numbers.
Yet, Chile has very few unapologetically Christian schools.  It is time to help change that. And you can be a part with your support of Colegio Cristiano Conosur, opening in March 2013 in Talagante, Chile. We need your help to achieve that start date.
  • all administrative offices;
  • a meeting hall for 50 people;
  • an ample teachers’ workroom; and
  • workshops for music, dance, and arts.
  • a recreation area with barbecues, tables, and pool.
You are not laying bricks, you are building a cathedral.