"Before I arrived in Chile I was half excited and half scared. I was excited to go to another country especially in South America, and to sing there with our choir was another plus.

I was afraid because I was going to be living all by myself with a family I didn’t know at all. I wanted so badly for another person to go with me. But I ended up going home with my Chilean mom and unpacked and ate with her.

My nerves were shaken that first day until the choir met at 7:00 pm that night at the church and everyone had similar stories about their homes. The next day it was like I had been living there for months. I grew really close with my Chilean family and sister Nicole.

For the next few nights we stayed up till 12 am and just talked and asked each other questions despite the language difference. I love them and miss them so much. I keep in touch on facebook.
I absolutely LOVE Chile and want to go again and again. I think the school is a great idea. This will be in my prayers."

"Jim Green told me to expect the people from the church in Ciudad Satelite to embrace us with open arms and open hearts but what I experienced was far beyond my highest expectations. 
The Chileans completely overwhelmed us with their love and hospitality.  Our students felt welcomed and accepted from the very beginning.  The farewell at the airport is a memory that still bring tears to my eyes.  I had planned what I was going to pray in Spanish for my Chilean family but I couldn't finish the prayer because of all my tears.  That is the memory that will stay with me the most. 

My Chilean family (Pato and family) left a lasting impression on my heart and I now think of them as part of my own family.    Seeing how the Lord used our choir students was a very rewarding experience for me.   I will never forget all the precious smiles on the faces of the Chilean children as our students sang for them. 
Our school, Hillcrest Christian School, now considers itself a ministry partner with the church in Ciudad Satelite and the new church and school in Talagante that will open soon.  I hope to return to Chile in the future, God willing." 

Lance Haliday - Secondary School Principal, Hillcrest Christian School